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1.     Question:

Do natural supplements interfere with my medications?



There are some combinations that can be counter-productive. That’s why it is best to make us aware of all medications and other supplements that you are taking.


2.     Question:

Why should I take supplements? Can’t I get them out of the food I eat?



Our foods are grown on dead/depleted soil that is full of pesticides, plastics and other things that interfere with being completely healthy. It is necessary to increase your nutrients through supplementation to allow your body to FULLY function.


3.     Question:

How long do I need to take supplements?



As long as you want to work toward optimal health.


4.     Question:

Aren’t all supplements the same? Can’t I just take the “cheap” stuff?



Supplements are like people – Some are WONDERFUL, some are mediocre, and some are TOXIC and harmful! We can validate the effectiveness on lab.


5.     Question:

How do I know what supplements I need?



While you are guessing, we are testing with our low cost lab work. Just fill out the health assessment so we will know which lab panel to order for you to have drawn at your local Labcorp.