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  • • Arabinogalactans from Larch Tree Extract:
 Is a good source of fiber,  Have a variety of beneficial effects on the body.  Help balance the immune response. Are 2 times more potent than Echinacea. Support the growth of friendly probiotic bacteria.  Support colon health. Are non-allergenic



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Arabinogalactan Powder Arabinogalactan (also known as arabogalactan, Larch wood sugar or gum, and AG) is a naturally occurring polysaccharide extracted form the Larch tree that delivers these benefits : prebiotic, immunomodulator and liver protector.

AG is often linked to glycoproteins commonly found in the cell walls of many edible plants (e.g., carrots, maize) and in several immune enhancing herbs (e.g., Echinacea purpurea, Shiitake mushroom). Nature has provided a rich harvest of free AG in amounts up to 35 percent from the heart wood of the western Larch tree, Larex occidentalis. AG consists of galactose and arabinose sugars at a ratio of 6:1. When ingested, AG is not absorbed, but fermented by the gastrointestinal microflora.

Arabinogalactan has several biological response-modifying capabilities. These include the change of microflora populations in the colon, increase of the vascular permeability, stimulation of various components of the immune system and interaction with protein hepatic binding sites that result in stopping induced liver metastasis. As a soluble fiber, AG is capable of decreasing ammonia generation while increasing production of short chain fatty acids that protect the colon mucosa against a variety of diseases.

Several scientific studies have shown that AG is fermented by the major species of polysaccharide degrading bacteria in the colon to produce short chain fatty acids. These acids lower the colon pH that favors the growth of friendly bacteria and reduce the risk of colon cancer. Specifically, fermentation of AG by bifidobacteria significantly increases the production of butyrate, which protects the colon mucosa against a variety of intestinal diseases and from cancer promoting agents. Fermentation of AG can produce up to 430 mg of short chain fatty acids per gram of fiber, which is about the same as for oat bran and more than Metamucil?.

Recent human studies have also shown that administration of AG causes the number of white blood cells to increase, thus stimulating the immune system for a potential response to invading bacteria, viruses and other foreign material. In-vitro studies demonstrated that AG enhanced the tumor natural killer (NK) and macrophage activity to direct cytotoxicity against tumor cells. Current data shows that even low doses of AG can affect the health of the whole body in a very noticeable way.

One Tablespoon Provides :
Arabinogalcatans (from Larch) ...................................... 4.7grams

Each bottle contains 100 grams

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